About Triton Morgan Horses

Young Bob Morgan with Pecos...../.....W. Robert Morgan, Susie Morgan, Susan Jones with Lippitt Pecos..../....Bob & Susie with Triton Lady Avatar

The Triton Morgan Horse breeding program was founded by W. Robert & June Morgan in 1960 at Red Fox Stable in Gilroy, CA.

Starting in the 1960's and thereafter, the Morgan Family; 

Built the herd from the first horse to assembling a herd of over 100 Morgans, representing many of the finest horses available, including Lippitt Pecos, Orcland Bold Fox, Applevale Red Fox and countless other great horses; 

Bred over 400 Morgans with the Triton prefix;

Purchased and operated the Green Mountain Stock Farm in Randolph, Vermont, the home of Justin Morgan and the Lippitt line of Morgans. The Triton operation included breeding, training and marketing Morgan horses from this beautiful and historic location;

Operated major Morgan breeding operations in California, Oklahoma and Vermont;

 Purchased, trained and promoted outstanding Morgan horses from the stock of fabled breeders including Lyman Orcutt (Orcland Morgans), Stuart Hazard (Funquest Morgans), Ana Ela (Townshend Morgans), Gordon Voorhis (Applevale Morgans), University of Vermont (UVM Morgans), Robert Lippitt Knight (Lippitt Morgans) and many others;

 The family bred or selected, trained and launched the careers of some of the greatest Morgan horses of all time including the renouned Open Cutting Horse Champion, Funquest Patchita, the great Pleasure Driving and Roadster Champion, Triton Moses and many other outstanding Morgan horses.

 Over the years the family made substantial contributions to the U.S. Park Service which included the donation of several horses to the program at Point Reyes National Park, including the stallion Triton El Capitan;

 Donated top Morgan weanlings and yearlings to deserving youth (27 Morgans have been donated over the years by W. Robert and June Morgan and Bob and Susie Morgan);

 Promoted the Morgan in every way imaginable, including comissioning artwork by renouned artists featuring Morgan  horses (classic oil paintings by Jeanne Mellin such as the Kennedy funeral (1966), full sized bronze sculpture by Sasha  Schnitmann (displayed at the Triton Museum in Santa Clara) and many other works of art; and acting as advisors to the Walt Disney company in the filming of "Justin Morgan Had a Horse."

In June 2004, Triton Morgan Horses moved to a new facility in Hollister, CA.

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